Prof. Citak „Back to the roots“
27. August 2022
"Back to the roots" - News-Detail - TPS-Therapie - Prof. Dr. med. Musa Citak

Prof. Citak “Back to the roots”

Prof. Musa Citak, M.D., opens TPS branch office in Bochum!

It was a long-held heart’s desire of Prof. Citak to finally open a practice for Transcranial Pulse Stimulation in Bochum, Germany. On the one hand, this is related to the fact that there are unfortunately still far too few TPS users in North Rhine-Westphalia in relation to the population density and thus also to the number of people affected. But a personal reason also plays a role: Prof. Citak comes from Bochum and a good part of his family lives there.

“After 26 years, I am returning to my home town, so to speak, with TPS,” Prof. Citak is pleased to say. “It was from there that I started my studies back then, and from there I went to the USA, among other places, to the Hanover Medical School, all the way to my professorship, and finally to Hamburg on my life and career path. The fact that I can now practice again in Bochum, with a whole lot of what I’ve learned under my belt, makes me very happy.”

From September 2022, the new “TPS Center Prof. Citak” in the Center for Natural Medicine in the Health Campus South in Bochum will open its doors to patients and their families. Of course, Prof. Citak will also conduct the first non-binding consultations and anamneses in person in Bochum on a regular basis and often also personally perform TPS treatments.

As at the other locations, he will be supported by his team of doctors and his wonderful staff.

Appointments can be made – as for all dependencies – via the Hamburg hotline +49 (0)40 228 546 166 or by mail to

Prof. Musa Citak, M.D., is looking forward to Bochum and to you!

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